Spock in Popfly

What is Spock? It’s a search engine for people you know on the Internet.  If you search for me, you’ll find this page.  If you search for “Spock” on Spock, you’ll find this page.  The cool thing is that Spock has a REST-based web service API.  Because I really like Popfly, I implemented the two interfaces in the web service API in a Popfly block so that others can create mash-ups with Spock.  To tell you the truth, I don’t know what you can use this for?  Surprise me. Delight me.  Show me something cool with Spock.  Get your hands dirty with Popfly.  Also you can try the AOL Video Search block that I created to search for videos on the Internet.  Show everyone how you can combine Spock with the other blocks on Popfly or you can even tweak the Spock block that I built to make it different or better!

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  1. What is Spock ? It's a search engine for people you know on the Internet. If you search for me, you'll

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