Should I put the Silverlight Map code on CodePlex or SkyDrive?

One of the first things that I created at Microsoft built on my previous experience at Mindjet, the creators of MindManager, a mind mapping software.  I built a small converter application that transformed a MindManager map into a Silverlight application.  I posted examples of it on my blog as well and I created a Groove Workspace to share the source code. 

Groove is Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer collaboration application.  Since I posted it, some people who haven't used Groove yet and didn't want to try it out asked for the code and I promptly sent it to them.  This isn't something that I would want to commercialize but I wanted to use it as an example of how you could transform the XML from a MindManager map into Silverlight's XAML. 

I chose Groove because it combined the file storage (where the source code was) with threaded discussion forums and Issue Tracking and it was very easy to setup the workspace and invite people to it.  I really wanted to use CodePlex but at the time, I didn't know if this was something that others would want to contribute to.  I was also told that we shouldn't use CodePlex to dump demo code (which this was) but rather to create open source code projects that encourage contribution and teamwork.  To date, 96 people have joined the workspace to download the source code and learn about the demo.  I have had some comments and some issues raised but no one has made any suggestions for changing any of the source code after looking at it.  As an aside, knowing what I know now about what Silverlight 1.1's going to be next year, I think that this would make a much better Silverlight 1.1 application!

So here's the questions:

Should I create a project on CodePlex (only answer yes if you are willing to contribute and/or participate)

- or -

should I post the source code on my Windows Live SkyDrive so anyone can download it?

Comments (4)

  1. Hi Michael:

    I would really enjoy being able to use the Coverter to put my MindManager Maps on line. If you coud send me a link to download it I would appreciate it. It looks vry cool!  Brian

  2. renedepaula says:

    same here  🙂  I`m an UxE at Microsoft Brazil and I’m totally addicted to mindmanager.

    tks in advance

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