Mindjet Should Hire These Guys!

Four guys out of Bulgaria just built this .Net application for mind mapping.  It looks really cool with a very fresh look!  It was built with WPF and all our latest technology like Silverlight.   I can't wait to try it out when it goes beta on November 1st.  What amazing things could happen if Mindjet would hire these guys? What if another company were to hire them?  

Comments (6)

  1. jordan says:

    Hi Michael

    We planing to release Bookvar first beta in the begining of November. Check the site http://www.bookvar.net 😀

  2. Georgi Mitev says:

    Yeah ..it’s really very cool application 🙂 I’m eagerly waiting for the beta release …

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    You could also look at thoughtex – http://thoughtex.net/

    It too is a WPF app, written by a local Aussie!

  4. Bhasker says:

    Looks cool! An begs the question, why doesn’t MindJet get its finger out and actually improve their product and fix all their bugs after all these years!

  5. samcov says:

    Because where they have their fingers feels really good, and the dumb butts are still paying for their software.

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