Other Silverlight SEO Techniques

The technique described in my previous post will work for Silverlight solutions that generate XAML on the server side as well as solutions that have multiple static XAML files that are composited at runtime:

<div id="SLHost">

    <asp:Xml ID="XHTML" runat="server" DocumentSource="seo.xaml" TransformSource="XAML2XHTML.xslt" EnableViewState="False"/>

<!-- XAML that is generated by the server: -->

    <asp:Xml ID="XHTML" runat="server" DocumentSource="Xaml.aspx?id=page1" TransformSource="XAML2XHTML.xslt" EnableViewState="False"/>

<!-- XAML that is in many parts but composited at runtime: -->

    <asp:Xml ID="XHTML" runat="server" DocumentSource="details.xaml" TransformSource="XAML2XHTML.xslt" EnableViewState="False"/>

    <asp:Xml ID="XHTML" runat="server" DocumentSource="about.xaml" TransformSource="XAML2XHTML.xslt" EnableViewState="False"/>

    <script type="text/javascript">




But there are circumstance where you would want to have a SEO-friendly HTML that is more specific to your Silverlight application.  My colleague Nikhil Kolthari, wrote in his blog about other techniques for SEO in Silverlight where the application server would write out an alternative HTML version that is specific to his slide show application.

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  1. msweeny says:

    Hello Michael – As a search specialist, I am very pleased by this solution. I am missing the actual silverlight application on the page though. Is there supposed to be some rich media presentation. I am curious to see how this technique would work to expose content  and make available for indexing and retrieval that is actually contained in the application.

  2. Synergist says:


    If you have Silverlight installed, you will see some text and an image with a blue background.  That is actually a very simple Silverlight application – no interaction and no rich media.  If you look at the page source, you will see the text exposed as XHTML.

    Please contact me via email and we can continue this conversation: http://blogs.msdn.com/synergist/contact.aspx


  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. kim sanders says:

    I am not familiar with this SEO techniques but I'll be focusing on this.

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