My First Popfly Mashup: Earthquakes!

I just sat through an earthquake; a bit shaking but nothing damaged; no one was hurt.  That gave me an idea: why don’t I show earthquakes on a Virtual Earth Map using Popfly, Microsoft’s new mashup service? Get Geo-RSS Data from the USGS Convert the RSS Items to Virtual Earth Pushpins Here are the Magnitude…


A Pragmatic View on Silverlight

My colleague Denny Boynton recently posted a great blog post with a very pragmatic view on Silverlight.  Take a look at it.


Silverlight Deployment Guide

If you are looking to deploy Silverlight broadly throughout your organization, my colleague Dave Tesar wrote a Silverlight Deployment Guide that you should read.  Read all about it here.


Microsoft Gives away Mona Lisa with Silverlight!

If you’re a software developer and not a graphic artist, you might be a bit overwhelmed when you start using Expression Studio to build your Silverlight applications.  With all of that control, how do create high quality graphics?  The folks in marketing did not mention the one feature that can help here: Cross-Browser Cross-Platform HD-Quality…


Webinar Recording & Source Code Posted: Creating a Vista Gadget & Web Player for your Radio/TV Station

I just posted the source code from Friday’s webinar on Creating a Vista Gadget & Web Player for your Radio/TV Station.  The PowerPoint slide deck and the source code in are on my SkyDrive: If you missed it, you can watch a recording of the webinar (about an hour) here:


Job Opening for Developer Evangelist at Microsoft in San Francisco

I’ve got a secret:  the best job at Microsoft is Developer Evangelist and we’re looking for more people to fill that role.  My colleague Anand Iyer just told me over lunch the other day that his group was looking for a developer evangelist based out of San Francisco.  If you love software development and are…


MOSS Camp in Chicago November 9th

If you want to become the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) that you always dreamed to be and you are in the Chicagoland area, then you’ve got to go the MOSS Camp on November 9th in Chicago.  Read my colleague Dave Bost’s blog post about it.  My first experience with SharePoint was at my previous…


Upcoming Webinar: Monitoring .Net Applications with Intercept Studio

During the development, testing, and deployment of any application it is important to understand how the application is performing.  In  in the context of building .Net applications, especially high-volume web-based applications, monitoring performance is crucial as well.  Recently I have started talking with AVIcode who has a product for .Net application monitoring called Intercept Studio…


Upcoming Webinar: Better Online Documentation: Creating WPF FlowDocuments from Word 2007

One of the challenges with creating online documentation is readability, especially with long documents.  Most of the time, we end up printing out documents instead of attempting to read them online.  One we print them out we lose the ability to easily search for text, one of the great aspects of online documents.  Creating a…


Posted SilverlightMap code to SkyDrive and Popfly

I’ve decided to share the source code for my SilverlightMap project that converts Mindjet MindManager maps to Silverlight application in two venues: Windows Live SkyDrive and Popfly. Windows Live SkyDrive Microsoft Popfly If you want to contribute and participate in the project you can try the new Popfly service.  Download the Popfly Explorer for Visual…