Upcoming Webinar: Using Web Analytics with Silverlight

Rich Interactive Applications (RIAs) and media players built with Microsoft Silverlight are easily integrated with web analytics services like WebTrends On Demand.  Web Analytics services collect data about web usage behavior and allow businesses to measure how web sites perform against business goals.  Because most web analytics services use JavaScript page tags to identify and quantify web usage behavior, they easily integrate with Silverlight’s JavaScript programming model.  Silverlight’s JavaScript-accessible document object model (DOM) enables web developers to integrate web analytics into at any stage of the web development process.  This web seminar will demonstrate how to incorporate existing web analytics services into Silverlight applications and then take advantage of the separation between the design in XAML and code in JavaScript to do effective A/B testing.
Date & Time:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007, 11:00 AM PDT

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  1. Michael S. Scherotter (Synergist) and resident Silverlight guru, has put his money where his mouth is

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