Mindjet Labs Surpasses 10,000 Members!

One of my proudest accomplishments at Mindjet was the creation of the Mindjet Labs, a community site that I created to show the power of MindManager as a solution platform.  I still use MindManager for my work, especially when I am outlining and explaining technology to customers;  I run MindManager Pro 7 on Windows Vista Enterprise and it soars!   I looked at the front page of the Mindjet Labs today and realized that it has reached 10,400 members.  Now, I know that people use community sites like the Mindjet Labs with varying degrees of engagement.  At one end, there's the person who joins just to download my brother's How to Cook a Turkey Like a Pro template and that's that.  But at the other end of the spectrum, there's the user like D.E. Thomas who was passionate enough about the software to agree to blog about it. 

The Community Server-based site was launched in October 2006 and in the first year surpassed 10,000 members!  I'm very proud to have started this community and I hope to see it flourish in the future! Congratulations Mindjet!

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