My Open XML Talk at Mindjet

As many of you might know, before I joined Microsoft this past Spring, I worked for Mindjet as an technical evangelist (one of my many titles) where I demonstrated the power of the MindManager Solution Platform through the Mindjet Labs.  One of the coolest demonstrations that I built (with the help of Vivek Vishist, a star solutions engineer) was an integration with Microsoft Office Word 2007.    This took advantage of Word 2007’s Open XML file format and ribbon user interface to demonstrate a high-fidelity round-trip business scenario that wasn’t possible with previous versions of Word.  I have talked about it many times, both when I was at Mindjet and now that I’m at Microsoft.  I think it’s a great demo and really shows the power of MindManager and Word 2007 working together; I love showing it off! 

The latest time where I presented the solution was at an Open XML workshop that was hosted by Mindjet in San Francisco.  Microsoft got a full camera crew there to film the workshop and I was able to talk about it at length (about 13 minutes).  It might be a bit hard to follow – I jump around way too much – but take a look tell me what you think.

Comments (3)

  1. Michael

    Thank you for publishing this (and Google for alerting me). The video greatly increased my understanding of this development. I have already emailed to an independent Microsoft developer friend as further encouragement to start exploiting the XML nature of MindManager and linking it to other applications and the web.