Mindjet MindManager and Silverlight

It seems that Microsoft's Sliverlight (formerly WPF/e) is the topic of the day.  Since I first learned about WPF/e last year, I started thinking of ways in which Mindjet MindManager could work with it.  I started playing around with it and the most exciting feature of it was that it was all based in XML.  That means that I could use my existing software tools like Visual Studio and my favorite languages, XSLT and C#, to transform MindManager's XML to Silverlight's XAML.  To get my mind around the feature set of Silverlight, I built a simple website (it isn't live yet) that lets you upload and view Mindjet MindManager maps on Internet Explorer, FireFox and Mac Safari.  Watch the video that I produced in TechSmith's Camtasia Studio.

It's just rough so far with simple expanding and collapsing of topics, but as time permits, I will work on developing its feature set.

MindManager to Silverlight.wmv

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  1. Aspiring Geek says:

    This rocks, Michael.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Robin Capper says:

    I was just reading about Silverlight and noticed it was all based on XML & thought what will Mr Scherotter make of that…

    Development at the speed of thought!

  3. Tim says:

    Seems to work faster than the MindManager plug-in

  4. Synergist says:

    This demonstration was the product of about 8 hours of work and only scratches the surface of what the MindManager file format can actually represent.


  5. Synergist says:

    function CreateSilverlight(){Sys.Silverlight.createHostedObjectEx({source: "streaming:/216/SilverlightMap",parentElement:

  6. Synergist says:

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been playing around with Silverlight and trying to see how it could work with Mindjet MindManager maps. Because both MindManager and Silverlight are based in XML, it is fairly straightforward to transform the

  7. John says:

    Can you please update the screencast URL?

  8. Scott says:

    Has anyone every developed or deployed such an app?  Perhaps using a richer interface experience?

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