What is a Synergist?

Throughout my career, I have developed a specialty for combining technologies in interesting ways and for the past year, I have been calling this role a Synergist.  Until recently I was doing this to evangelize the solution platform for Mindjet MindManager, through the Mindjet Labs.  On the Mindjet Labs, I maintained the Synergist blog and now I am continuing that thread here at Microsoft.

I am now a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft for the Communications Sector of North America, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In this role, I will be trying to build excitement and communities for software developers in the communications sector which includes media and entertainment, telecommuncations, and web hosting companies.  In my new role, I need to understand the challenges that software developers in this sector are facing

To build on the technology combinations that I promoted at the Mindjet Labs, I have started thinking of how MindManager could be combined with technologies like WPF/e and Windows Live to create some amazing synergies?

  • Are you a MindManager user in the Communications Sector?
  • If so, what are the challenges that you are facing?
  • What would be a cool synergy or mashup that could help solve that challenge?


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