A Successful Expression Blend and Silverlight Training in Denver

We just completed an 2-1/2 day Expression Blend and Silverlight training course in Denver for some of our communications sector customers and really saw some eyes light up.  Our intention was to give our customers some hands-on experience with Expression Blend and Silverlight.  The majority of students in the course were software developers (there were…


Microsoft Surface Video

You’ve all probably already seen this, but I thought I’d share it with you: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/


CDN Publishing Possible from Expression Encoder

My colleague Tim Heuer, posted a great example of how you might extent Expression Encoder to encode and upload content to a Content Delivery Networks (CDN).  If you’ve used the Expression Encoder add-in for Silverlight Streaming, you’ve seen an example of this type of extension.  I could envision a plug-in that would use FTP to…


Windows Developers Talk about Windows Server 2008

When I watch this video about Windows Server 2008, I get a very big grin:   (Passion + Enthusiasm ) * Smart People = a Great Product.


Innovate on Windows Mobile site Launched

If you are interested in building mobile applications on the Windows Mobile platform, then you’ve got to go here, a new site about building Windows Mobile applications. http://www.innovateonwindowsmobile.com/ Interestingly, if you install Visual Studio 2008, you’ll notice that you have all of the development tools that you need to target Windows Mobile devices.


Announcing Partner Huddle for Professional Developers

Are you a Professional Developer or Architect working for a Microsoft Partner Organization in the U.S.?  Then you may want to consider joining Partner Huddle, an online social community for members of the Microsoft partner community.  To learn more about the social and how to join check out the following blog Tis The Season For…


Bubble Video

Gotta take a look at the latest video going around the web: Here Comes Another Bubble – The Richter Scales:


.Net User Groups in Southern California

My colleague, Woody Pewitt compiled a list of .Net user groups in Southern California.  If you have ever been involved in a good user group, you should know how sharing best practices can really help your software development practices.