It is about time: Sync Services for Windows Mobile

I remember the very beginnings when Sync Services came along and I started blogging that people asked to have the runtime works on mobile devices. That is a reasonable and expected request. After all, mobile devices are the true occasionally connected and sync services can make real difference. I am pleased to tell you that you that the initial CTP for the sync services for mobile is ready to download and try out:

Sync Services for ADO.NET for Devices supporting Windows Mobile

The runtime is almost identical to the desktop version with one exception. The mobile version does not support 2-tier model where the device can execute commands directly on the backend database server. While it is possible to have a mobile device VPN to the network thus be able to connect directly to the DB, it is does appear to be neither a common scenario nor the direction where the industry is heading. Having been at MIX08 this year, I can tell you that even device cradle scenarios are becoming the theme of the past.

You asked for it, here you have it. It is about time to give it a try and tell us what you think.

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  1. customerx says:

    when do you use Sync Services for ADO.NET over pure SQL Merg Replication?

    Is their a clear document out their.

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