The MIX08 Factor

I am not going to miss MIX this year, period.

Last year, MIX07 was a phenomenal event. Unfortunately, I did not get to attend. I kept following the announcements every day and watched some of the really good recorded sessions as they became available on the mix web site. I kept saying to myself, “Man, I should have been there”!

This year, it might be even better, a lot of folks are preparing demos, announcements ...etc. I cannot disclose anything I know coming. But I know so little, despite being at Microsoft. Yes, strange but true 🙂
Conferences tend to be rather confusing, too much activity that you cannot follow it all. For this reason, I like to have a plan. So, let me share my plan with you:

  • The keynotes this year are of particular interest. Ray is speaking this year and I am keen to listen to what he has to say. Steve keynotes are always good too.
  • Windows Live … what are the next cool things that are coming up
  • Sync Framework … I know few things are coming to those who love sync
  • FeedSync … I personally need to understand to what extend FeedSync is going to be used across Live properties, if any
  • Mobile development … what’s new in VS2008 and next coming up

It is sure to be fun. See you there.


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