Milind Lele on Sync Designer in VS 2008

One of my favorite experiences while building the sync framework is partnering with other teams. Some teams would want to use the framework other teams help us builds part of the product and finally those who help improve the developer experience by lowering the par of entry. One of those notable partnerships is working with VS team to build Sync Designer. My contribution in building sync framework is close to zero! It was all those good guys in VS who pulled it all together. Milind Lele is the program manager in VB team who led the effort to translate the sync designer idea into reality.

Couple of days ago I stumbled upon a channel 9 interview with Milind. I was surprised that nobody told me about this one! Anyways, I decided to watch the interview where Milind talks about his favorite new features in VS 2008. Database caching was the Milind’s favorite (surprise, surprise …). The host of the interview is Beth Massi, whom I met for the first time in one of the customer focus group where Steve Lasker presented the offline scenario; Beth liked the sync services and expressed her interest in trying it out. That was great. Shortly thereafter Beth joined Microsoft!

The interview is very interesting to watch and Milind gives a detailed walk through of how to use the designer. He is VB guy so the code is all in VB. Check it out ...


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