I’ve been busy … You will know about it all at DevConnections

The last couple of months were crazy at work and even when I leave work and go back home. I used to sit down after hours, I mean 10+ PM, to write some of the content you see on my syncguru web site. I planned to post more demos but was too overwhelmed to do so. Curious!? Well, I cannot tell you much right now but I will be going to dev connections in Vegas this coming November  ...Wahhoo!!


So here is the deal, if you are interested in sync technologies or you’ve been looking to learn more about data synchronization and in general, then don’t miss out and try to make it to dev connections. I will be there and would be more than happy to sit and chat with you till they close the doors of the conf center (wait, no body sleeps in Vegas!)


As the date draws near, I will update you with more details on the sync sessions and other info to find me. I will be a blast!


As for the next 3 weeks, I will be even more busy but this time with my personal matter: My wedding. Now you know why I am busy … in fact, too busy J



Update: Just to let you know, I left Microsoft to start a new company, Raveable Hotel Reviews. See Examples: Romantic Hotels in Myrtle Beach, Top 10 Hotels in Seattle, 5 Star Hotels in Miami, Hotels with in-room jacuzzi, Family Friendly hotels in Anaheimand Best Hotels in Fort Lauderdale. Your feedback is welcome ontwitter.com/raveable, raveable blog.

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  1. rogerj says:


    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your bride!

    Sorry I won’t see you at DevConnections. I have a schedule conflict.

    Looking forward to learning what’s up your sleeve for sync services,


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