Updates, updates, updates …

Sync services is evolved pretty rapidly and taken all my time as a result. But in the last few days I got a chance to update the demos to work against the beta 2 runtime. The changes are not many but are important to understand. Here is a rundown of what I had to change in the code:

Namespace Changes:

  • Added namespace (Microsoft.Synchronization) to host the most basic type that are common to upper layers
  • Change the name of Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Client to Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe

SyncAgent Changes:

  • Added Configuration property to host SyncTable and SyncParameter collections
  • Rename ClientSyncProvider and ServerSyncProvider properties to LocalProvider and RemoteProvider, respectively.

ServerProvider Changes:

  • The sync commands on the provider interface (SelectNewAnchorCommand and SelectClientIdCommand) require output parameters instead of return values. This is need for extensibility as you will see with batching.
  • Added ServerSyncProviderProxy type to save you from writing code on the client for n-tier scenario. The proxy will accept a web reference and will take care of loading the correct methods for you.

Well, that’s really not everything. There are few tweaks and bug fixes here and there. The best thing is to give it a try and share your experience with me and others through the forums. You are really helping us make the runtime rocks!


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