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I thought about introducing the sync framework to a wider audience of developers. CodeProject is my favorite code sharing site, I’ve been a member for almost six years now. I remember when I first joined it was really small, but growing rapidly and I liked it a lot back then and still do now. CodeGuru is another site that I used to track but not so much recently; it is a great site but the sheer amout of ads per page and the poor organization of cotent is too much for my reading apptatie. Anyways, in this article, I give a quick overview to the sync services architecture, target scenrios, and brief description of different framework components. The sample application for the article is basically the very first demo of the offline-application series.

I am not sure you agree with me, but I tend to believe that developing sync application is a progressive process, you start by get things to work first. Better be a quick exercise. Seeing changes flow back and forth is very exciting, even to me, which encourages you to expand and add more application logic along with sync logic like conflict detection, client registeration, filtering… etc. That’s the way I structured the demo series and by the way it is not over yet; there are more demos for more advanced sync functionalities coming up.

My aim is to get more developers attention to sync and the value-add that sync brings to their data application. I am also enjoying the feedback I am receiving from developers through fourm, direct email, and other blogs. It is helping me understand the scenrios that they are targeting, their pain points, and what they like to see in future iterations of the framework. Keep them coming …

Feedback: Visit Sync Services Forum


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Comments (2)

  1. hmeijeri says:

    I read somewhere that I’ll need version 3.1 of sync designer for it to show in VS 2005 as an installed template. Can you confirm this and direct me to where I can get ver 3.1 and how to install it to VS 2005, please? Is it possible to run the designer without having it installed to VS 2005. Thanks, Henk.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    I never heard about this. To get the sync designer you must install the new version of VS code named ‘Orcas’. There is no way to get the designer in VS 2005.


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