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I'd like to welcome visitors to my blog. In this space, i will be posting all sort of information about synchronization technologies having worked in sync and replication for the last 5 years. Originally in windows where i helped build the next generation File Replication engine and now in SQL team working in merge and ADO.NET sync services among other new and fascinating projects. I am excited and if you are developing sync or offline applications you should be excited too as a brave new world is about to emerge for sync developers ... enjoy.

Rafik Robeal


Update: Just to let you know, I left Microsoft to start a new company, Raveable Hotel Reviews. See examples: Top 10 Hotels in Myrtle Beach, Best Hotels in New York City, Romantic Hotels in Seattle, Hotels with a kitchen or kitchenette and Top 10 Hotels in San Francisco. Your feedback is welcome on twitter.com/raveable, raveable blog.

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  1. ScottMiller says:

    Thanks for the example.  The SQL compact database file is being created by the tables are not.  I get a Microsoft.Syncronization.Data.SchemaException trying to find table

    Message "Table ‘[order_details]’ does not exist." string

    Is this suppose to create the SQL Compact tables?

  2. ScottMiller says:

    I just realized these post should go under your application demo.  Anyway I found the fix for the above.  It turns out if the tables in SQL compact have not been created and you call the syncAgent.GetChange you will get an exception.  If I comment this line

    //SyncContext x = syncAgent.GetChange("order_details");

    and them uncomment it after the first run it works fine.  

    Good stuff. Cant want to see how to wrap this in a service….

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Yeah, you are right .. i was testing something else and this line slipped in the package. I did remove it and update the package.

    Thanks Scott

  4. RajeshPR says:

    Hi Rafik

    Thanks for the great example.

    I was actually looking out for a viable solution to implement sync feature with our product.

    Ours is a health care product and we need to make available the application and the data (partail content) to doctors who go to remote locations to visit patients.

    I was looking out for various options like SCOAB, SQL Merger Replication, etc..

    finally got hold of the ADO.Net sync service, and I hope this would provide me with the right solution to for adoption.

    I initially had a look at the webcast from Steve, was pretty interesting and then was looking out for samples, which I could run through. then luckily happened to come across your samples, which were of great help.

    Rafik, do you also have a sample which demostrates a n-tier scenarion, that is the sync being handled by a webservice or  wcf service, cause in out product I am desigining all the communication part to be handled through WCF services.(.net 3.0)

    Some sample on that lines would be a great help.

    I would come up with more queries and hope it wouldn,t be a problem for you to guide us on this area.

    Thanks n great work..

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