SQL Data Sync Preview December Service Update Is Now Live!

Many of you have asked us when SQL Data Sync would be made available as part of the Windows Azure portal.  Here is the good news: as of last weekend, SQL Data Sync is now live as part of the latest Windows Azure portal updates!  Please check out Scott Guthrie's blog post for cool screenshots and step-by-step guide on how to create a new sync group using the new portal.  Don't worry, your existing sync groups should still be accessible as well from the new portal 🙂  We also made performance enhancements and bug fixes as part of this December service update. 

As usual, please download the new SQL Data Sync agent from here and refer to this MSDN article for detail agent upgrade procedures.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. DR.DEVENDRA KUMAR DWIVEDI/dr.akhileshdwivedi5@rediffmail.com says:

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  2. That's great and it's getting better, but please don't discontinue the Silverlight UI just yet. There are many functions still either not available or not working on the new portal.

    I can't get access to logs, or see the schema that an agent reports etc..

    Also when are you going to let us delete an agent that no longer exists. I can't imagine why this is such a problem?

  3. New Portal still not showing Sync (as at 17May2013) says:

    Today I noticed the old portal is no longer working and the new portal is not showing sync.  So now I have no way on monitoring my syncs…. I understand this is still preview and love what it is doing for us and think you have done an amazing job. Don't let the management portals be the reason we don't use it.

  4. Ian Bennett says:

    Any time frame for the next update?   Since the old Management Portal was taken down I now have a broken sync that cant be fixed and new tables that cant be added due to the limitations of the new portal i.e. refuses to provision sync of more than 14 tables/120 columns.

  5. Alastair says:

    What's happening with this service? It's been over 9 months since the last post here.

    Is it still being worked on or is it dead?

    Personally, I am loving it, and cant wait for it to get off the preview.

  6. Steve Donk says:

    Agreed.  Microsoft, are you still supporting this, is development halted?  It would be nice to also build a notification option or monitoring API that we could use to monitor the status of the sync's.  Need to know when it fails.  Thanks.

  7. Roberto R says:

    Hello, our company likes the data sync functionality and would like to implement it for a production system. When is this feature going to be available for production?

  8. Matthew Christenson says:

    Hi, I am wondering if someone on this team can contact me about what the status of this project is (Azure SQL Data Sync) I am in the process of architecting a brand new application and if using Azure for my product is going to be a possibility, I'll really need some offline synchronization capabilities to support businesses during short internet outages and for fast response times.  This blog seems very old and I don't want to invest any time in a product that is not under development, however if this IS under development I would be a very active contributing beta tester and would also consider putting together educational content for the suite of products.  I can be contacted at MattChristenson at RealSensible dot com, or at six three zero, 6 eight eight, 7 nine one one.  Thanks!

  9. Data Sync Service is still in development, and not idle there. You can put the features ask here : feedback.azure.com/…/217535-sql-data-sync. And you can also post questions in the forum : social.msdn.microsoft.com/…/home . We are actively supporting Data Sync Service through the forum.

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