SQL Data Sync now available in the East and West US Data Centers!

We are excited to announce that we have just completed the deployment of SQL Data Sync into the East and West US data centers.  Now, what does that mean to you?   For those who intend to have their sync hubs in the East or West US, you can now provision the Sync Server in the respective regions thus allowing better sync performance for the particular sync groups.


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  1. Kasaiah says:

    Hi ,

    We started data sync from Onpremise to Cloud using North central US region and data sync status always showing Synchronizing . It seems Data sync taking infinite loop .

  2. Han, MSFT says:


     In the Oct release, we've made an improvement to resolve this issue.  Please deprovision and reprovision your sync group.  If the issue still persists, please let us know.      

  3. Glenn says:

    Any update as to when the service will be available on the South East Asia data centre?  

    Will the live version be able to cope with more than 500 tables?

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