The most recent Service Update for SQL Data Sync Preview is now live!

The most recent Service Update for SQL Data Sync Preview has been successfully released to production.   In this release, there are 2 major improvements:

  • Enhance overall performance on initial provision and sync tasks
  • Enhance sync performance between on-premise databases and Windows Azure SQL databases

Please download the new Agent from





Comments (6)
  1. David Gardiner says:

    It isn't so much what SQL can promise but what it can deliver 🙂

  2. Damiaan says:

    The circular reference issue is still not addressed I noticed.

  3. WinMetrics says:

    Will this tool support synchronizing schema as well as data [selectively on certain tables]?

  4. Han, MSFT says:

    Hi WinMetrics,

     Thanks for your feedback.  Unfortunately, at the moment, we don't yet support Schema Sync. However, we do support refreshing sync schema when a change occurs.  There are some limitations to this function.  Please refer to…/hh877419 for details.

  5. Stevers says:

    Why am I seeing a notice (on my Azure data sync subscription and on the above page) of this version, v4.0.61, expiring when there's no more recent one to download? The implication seems to be that in a few weeks sync won't work.

  6. Han, MSFT says:

    Stevers, we typically display upgrade notification at least couple weeks ahead of the service update.  The old agent typically expires on the last day of the month when the service update occurs .  Per our analysis, most users will have enough time to upgrade existing agents to the new agents before the expiration date.

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