SQL Data Sync SU5 has been released!

The latest Service Update 5 has just been released!  SU5 delivers 2 major features designed to improve sync experience:

  • Sync support for Spatial data type
  • Ability to cancel an on-going sync process

SU5 also includes various fixes that provide better usage experience to our customers.   To be consist with the rest of Windows Azure services, the new branded name is now SQL Data Sync.

You can download the latest local agent (v4.0.46.0) from the download page now.



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  1. You version numbers have gone backwards. The one I installed about a week ago is version and the update client is disabled! What do I do? Remove and re-install?

  2. Russ says:

    When will circular foreign key references be supported?


  3. Hi Nick, version is a higher version than  The v4.0.5.0 agent has expired on Jun 08 23:59:59 UTC time, and you should now be able to upgrade to the latest v4.0.46.0 SU5 agent.

    Hi Russ, supporting tables with circular foreign key dependencies is relatively low priority compared to other features we are contemplating on, such as providing configuration, control, and monitoring APIs.  How much of a blocker is this for you to use SQL Data Sync?

  4. Guy B says:

    I have spent the last week trying to get SQL Data Sync SU5 to work with SQL Server 2012  and Spatial Types.  I think there must be some dependencies missing from the prerequisites.  I installed everything as described and made sure all my projects were using target platforms of x86 yet I repeatedly got an exception that a Com object was not registered.

    I managed to track down the com objects dll "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Data SyncbinSynchronization214.dll" and register it using regsvr32.  After this I then got exceptions trying to convert HierarchyID to byte[].  I have implemented a workaround for HeirarchyIDs, but I was hoping to remove it with this version of SQL Data Sync.  It seems the tool is far from ready or that there are missing prerequisites.  If I remove the HeirarchyIDs from the tables the sync works fine.  Provisioning the server and client works, just the synchronize() call fails.

    Can a DataConverter be used to solve the issue?

    I am running on Windows 7 Professional x64 and both the server and client DBs exist on a local instance of SQL Server 2012.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  5. JuneT says:

    @Guy B – are you using SQL Azure Data Sync Service or Sync Framework?  the SQL Azure Data Sync service introduce support for spatial data but its not in Sync Framework yet.

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