Sync Framework 1.0 SP1 Available for Download

Go here to download:

For those of you using Sync Framework 1.0, we've just released a service pack that transitions the SQL Server Compact database provider to use a public-facing change tracking API that is new in SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2. In SQL Server Compact, the change tracking feature is used to track information about all changes that occur in a given database and is used to retrieve metadata related to these changes. This public API gives you a finer grain of control and insight into the tracking of changes within a SQL Server Compact database. In previous versions of SQL Server Compact, the change tracking feature was automatically enabled the first time a synchronization operation was initiated, and you did not have the ability to interact directly with this feature. Sync Framework 1.0 SP1 leverages this new public API surface. Be aware that in some cases the additional API layers in the change tracking feature have resulted in performance degradation, so before you upgrade to Sync Framework 1.0 SP1, carefully consider whether your need for this public change tracking feature outweighs the performance impact.

 This release also fixes a handful of bugs. For a complete list, visit the download page:

 If you install this update, you'll also undoubtedly want to upgrade to SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2. This can be downloaded here:

Comments (5)

  1. ErikEJ says:

    That’s great news.

    Any timeline for documentation on the new public api?

  2. rogerj says:


    Is SP1 compatible with Azure Data Sync?

    Roger Jennings

  3. liamca says:

    Hi Roger,

    Unfortunatley no.  We introduced the SQL Azure provider in the Sync Framework 2.0 timeline, so although a number of people have used the SQL Server provider in this 1.0 release to sync SQL Azure, this is not officially compatible with SQL Azure.  It is recommended that users wishing to sync from SQL Compact to SQL Azure use the Sync Framework 2.0 (that also includes a SQL Compact provider) along with the SQL Azure Power Pack CTP.


  4. jen0s says:

    I have just tried Sync Framework 2.1 and it is full of bugs, pure crap, had to revert back to 1.0, this inacceptable.

  5. JuneT says:

    jen0s – "full of bugs"? what exactly did you find? bugs dont get fixed if you keep them to yourself.

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