Sending Email Notifications Using SQL Azure Data Sync

I love to see when users take the products we have created and add extensions to it to suit their specific needs.  Earlier this week I talked about how Hilton Giesenow's extended SQL Azure Data Sync to create a custom synchronization application using VB.NET to allow him to do custom conflict resolution and get better control of events in his webcast series "How Do I: Integrate an Existing Application with SQL Azure?".  Today, Roger Jennings of Oakleaf Blog pointed me to his overview of SQL Azure Data Sync in one of his latest posts: "Synchronizing On-Premises and SQL Azure Northwind Sample Databases with SQL Azure Data Sync". 

I really like this latest blog post by Roger because not only does he walk through the capabilities of the tool from start to finish, but he also spends some time talking about one of the common issues users have had using the tool (I call it the "Dreaded ReadCred Issue").  But most of all I enjoyed reading how Roger took what had been done in Hilton's webcast and expanded it even further.  At the end of the post Roger explains how you can add the ability to send email notifications when the synchronization process fails, succeeds or both. Definitely a very useful capability for a DBA.

This is really helpful to us in the product group, because during the CTP (Community Technolgy Preview) phase it is important for us to see how users use our technology and the issues they have as it helps guide us to a proper direction for the final release.  It has been great to see the feedback we have received on this so far and I hope you enjoy what we have coming in the next release because it looks like we should have some pretty cool new features...

Liam Cavanagh

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