SQL Services is now SQL Azure

I thought I would help get the word out on this one.  Given that we have been spending so much time on Project "Huron", which is a project to enable data synchronization to the cloud where the data store is SQL Data Services SQL Azure Database, I thought you should all be aware of this new branding.  As we announced in the Data Insiders Blog earlier today:

"Effective immediately, SQL Services will be called Microsoft SQL Azure, and SQL Data Services will be Microsoft SQL Azure Database". 

Also, I appologize that I have not provided much of an update on Project "Huron" lately.  We are currently heads down in engineering and working out the specific details of the sync service to be hosted within Azure.  I would like to thank all of you who offered to help us with our Early Adopter Program.  The feedback we have been receiving from you has been absolutely invaluable. 


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