New Webcast Video – Drill Down Into the Next Release of the Microsoft Sync Framework

We recently had a chance to record an MSDN webcast describing a handful of the new features that will ship in the next CTP of Sync Framework v2.  This particular session focuses primarily on those features we have built related to our offline and collaboration database scenarios. Please register at the following location:


This session is a deep dive into the next release of the Microsoft Sync Framework with a focus on our database scenarios. Specifically, this session will discuss some of the work we have done in order to allow developers to synchronize SQL Compact in a peer to peer fashion. In addition, we will discuss the improvements we have made around batching to make it easier to use, expose more control over memory usage and provide resumability over transient networks that go up and down when performing sync operations. Furthermore, we will examine some of the performance related features baked into the runtime to improve the time it takes to initialize your client side database and synchronize large tables that have a less frequent rate of change. This will also include a discussion around some of the lessons we learned when performing scale and performance testing in an environment with 4000 clients and as much as 400 concurrent sync operations on a single server. These best practices were compiled at the end of one of the largest external implementations of the Microsoft Sync Framework  in the world. Finally, we will go over some of the new scenarios that we have enabled as a result of building on top of the Sync Framework, which provides much more flexibility around the shape of your topology. These scenarios include taking data stored in SQL Data Services and ADO.NET Data Services offline, USB shuttle scenarios, and traditional scenarios such as branch-office. This session will include demos that provide a deep dive into the use of these features as well as benchmark data around the performance of the Sync Framework in a large distributed environment.


Enjoy and please send any and all feedback our way!


Sean Kelley

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  1. NeilGriffiths says:

    Any ideas, my boss is asking 🙂

    Actually any hints on a target release date would help us create our own schedules.  How easy will it be to migrate a client synced dataset from compact to something larger?

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