Custom Conflict Resolution Survey

We are considering making some changes to the patterns currently leveraged to apply custom conflict resolution policies and business logic.   During our design discussions a handful of questions came up, so we thought it would be best to post them on our blog in an effort to collect feedback.  Please provide your feedback in the comments attached to this post. 

Our questions are as follows:

  1. Can you give a handful of examples when you have had to apply some sort of custom conflict resolution policy and/or your own business logic when syncing changes?  Specifically, we are interested in examples that require data to be changed in the middle of synchronization either before/after getting changes or before/after applying changes.

  2. Do you typically leverage the Sync Framework or Sync Services events  in order to do so?  If so, which events do you most commonly use?  If not, can you describe alternate approaches you have taken?

  3. Do you leverage SyncContext to make changes to the DataSet being sent/received or some other approach?

Thank you for your time!


Sean Kelley
Program Manager
Microsoft Sync Framework

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  1. We are looking for some SyncServices for ADO.NET users (both Hub spoke and peer to peer toplogy) to take

  2. sriharshavardhan says:

    Will there be any support in archetrator to sync hierarchial data spread across many tables? Atleast to the extent that failure at certain level halts Sync process and provides usefule information.

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