New Sample – Sync101 for Windows Mobile Devices

We have just posted a new Sync Framework sample for devices to our code gallery entitled "Sync101 - (Windows Mobile) Device Synchronization".

This C# sample is meant to show how to use Microsoft Sync Framework on smart device such as Windows Mobile and to illustrate the "remote change application" (RCA) pattern over a web service (between a desktop PC and a smart device).

The current release of "Microsoft Sync Framework for Devices" does not contain the Metadata Store service. Because of this the provider on a device needs to implement the necessary metadata management functions in a type named "MyProviderMetadata". This sample shows how this can be accomplished.  Using this sample the provider on desktop will still uses the Metadata Store for an easy approach.

For more code gallery samples please visit our Sync Framework Code Gallery page.


Comments (2)

  1. Tim Brown says:


    This is a bit of a long shot but is the sample still around some where ????

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