Sync Case Study – ServiceU Corporation & Event Management

One of the best parts about getting our first version of Sync Framework out the door is that we can now start talking about some of the customers we have been working with over the past few months and some of the great solutions that they are building. 

Beyond the customers I mentioned earlier (SmugMug, InterScape, Fujitsu Siemens) I also wanted to point you to another customer called ServiceU Corporation.  This company is a leader in the field of supporting online and on-demand event management. As you will read in the case study:

"Its software services, created and deployed using the Microsoft® Application Platform, are used by churches, schools, universities, theaters, and businesses to manage concerts, conferences, and other events. As a Payment Card Industry Level 1 Service Provider, the company is interested in security and performance, which is why it is upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server® 2008. ServiceU is using a number of new SQL Server 2008 features including enhanced auditing, and Policy-based Management to enforce configuration policies. The company is also using the new Performance Data Collection and Plan Freezing features to enhance performance, and the Data Compression and Backup Compression features to reduce the cost of disk-based storage".


To help power this solution, ServiceU chose Sync Services for ADO.NET:

"Working from Visual Studio 2008, developers can use Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET 2.0 to synchronize data from disparate sources over multi-tier and service-based architectures. ServiceU likes this feature because it is interested in deploying more solutions that run on mobile and remote devices. “Whenever you have server-based, data-driven applications coordinating data with mobile devices, synchronization is essential,” says Smith. “Synchronization Services will be a great help as we develop new occasionally-connected solutions to offer to our customers.”

Over the next few months we will be talking more and more about some of the great companies that are using Sync Framework and Sync Services for ADO.NET.

Of course, given that our technology is free and readily downloadable from the web, we don't hear from every customer.  As such, if you are using any of these technologies please let me know (at the Email link on the sidebar) so we can share your success with the rest of the community.

For more details on this case study, please go to:


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