Extending Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Sync Designer to Support Bi-Directional Synchronization

The following is an excerpt from the documentation updates that will be occurring for Visual Studio 2008 sp1.  We have decided to post this content early due to the significant amount of interest expressed around this particular topic.  Specifically, this section describes how one would go about extending the sync designer generated code to support bi-directional sync scenarios where changes made on the client-side database are pushed back up to the server.  The intent of this documentation is to provide an introductory walk-through and samples. For a more in-depth discussion around bi-directional synchronization, please see the following run-time docs:

Please let us know if you have any feedback.
Sean Kelley

Extending Designer to BiDi.pdf

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  1. Thank you for publishing this and making the information available ahead of release.

    David L.

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