TechEd Developer Conference – Day 1

TechEd Developer Week 2008

It has been an exciting first day for us at TechEd here in Orlando.   The day started out with a demonstration of the Microsoft Sync Framework in Bill Gates keynote.  Great work Moe, Lev, Zach, Tim and Lito! 

Sync Framework Keynote with Bill Gates (6 min 28 sec)

In this demonstration we showed how the Microsoft Sync Framework could integrate SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Data Services as well as Devices together with some pretty cool implementations photo sync, location based services and the new Spatial data types in SQL Server 2008.

Next, we had the chance to talk to the press about some great new consumer partnerships that we have formed.  The new partners include include SmugMug, a photo sharing site for both consumers and professionals, Ontela, which provides technology infrastructure to wireless carriers that allows consumers to unlock the photos in their camera phones, and Fujitsu Siemens Computers, which is deploying the Microsoft Sync Framework enabled SyncToy solution with more than 400,000 removal storage and USB devices for consumers and business users, while collaborating on synchronization, backup, and restore for future projects.

Finally we announced today that the Microsoft Sync Framework for Windows will be released in Q3 2008 with full support for the FeedSync open protocol format. Additionally, a CTP for Windows Mobile support will also be available in Q3 2008.

Whew, I am tired!  Hopefully the rest of the week will be just as exciting!

Liam Cavanagh

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  1. timvw says:

    The demonstration during the keynote was indeed quite impressive (although i’m not that sure that   the people got the message that this was realised through the Sync Framework).

    Btw, how about releasing a library with ‘standard synchronization controls’ (eg: the button with green arrows that was used during the demo?) This way users know that they’ll be synchronizing something as soon as they recognize the control…

  2. Right on the heels of our launch of Microsoft Sync Framework v1, we have just posted our first CTP for

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