New Sync Framework Tutorial

Sync Framework Tutorial - Sample Code

I have submitted a new C# tutorial which introduces you to the Microsoft Sync Framework by walking you through four sample Visual Studio projects. Each project builds on its predecessor with increasing complexity. 


Since we are trying to make sure we have all the key concepts covered in this tutorial, I would love to hear your feedback on it, specifically if there are other areas that you think we need to cover in this tutorial.

  • Sync101 With Metadata Store – Demonstrates a basic provider for an in-memory data store (replica) that uses the SqlCeMetadataStore class to store the metadata in a SQL Server Compact Edition database.

  • Sync101 Refactored – Factors out the replica-specific code from the code common to any provider in preparation for the next step of adding an additional provider. Also uses a more flexible transfer mechanism class to allow accommodation of more complex schemas.

  • Sync101 Add Xml Provider – Adds a new provider that represents a data store comprised of XML files.

  • Sync101 Add Csv Provider – Adds a new provider that represents a data store containing Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files and also uses XML configuration files to specify the transfer mechanism class properties and the property mappings between providers.

Please go here to download this sync tutorial.

Liam Cavanagh


Comments (2)

  1. Virt says:

    Hi, Liam

    When you plan release client SQL 2005 Express Provider for Sync Framework instead of SQL CE ??? ??? ???

    It’s very need for developers …

  2. mawi says:


    these tutorials are the best resource so far, AFAICS.

    However, the API is in general *very* clumsy – it feels "old" and ineffective; the 90’s want’s it’s API design techniques back! A far cry from modern approaches, some of which have found it’s ways into parts of the .NET framework.

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