Synchronization of Browser Favorites using FeedSync and the Microsoft Sync Framework

Feed Sync

In this favorites sync sample, we will look at a simple provider that synchronizes favorites (maybe between different folders on a computer).  We will then extend that to producing and consuming FeedSync feeds, so that favorites can be easily synchronized between computers.

At first, creating a new provider and figuring out how to make it sync can be a little intimidating.  In order to help you through the process, we will walk through the creation of a simple provider that can sync between directories that contain Favorites.  We will start first with the metadata store that the provider will use, since considering how metadata will be stored is the first step a provider writer should take when writing a provider.  On top of this, we will build the provider, which will provide our actual sync capability.  Then, we will use this provider to produce and consume feeds so that we can share our favorites between computers. 


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  1. What is FeedSync ? If you have not heard about "FeedSync" yet, it is the official name of an open and

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