Sync Samples – New Microsoft Sync Framework Code Gallery

Outlook Data Sync

We have created a new MSDN Code Gallery site for the Microsoft Sync Framework to show off some of the sync samples that we have been working on.  So far we have uploaded the following two samples:

Sync101 - Getting Started with Sync 

A great resource for getting started with Sync Framework & SQL Compact Metadata.  In this sample we show synchronization between three in memory data stores, higlighting data collaboration, conflict detection and custom conflict resolution.

Outlook Sync Sample - Contact Synchronization 

A more detailed contact synchronization sample, highlighting synchronization between Outlook, Vista Contacts and VCard files. It shows the concepts of data mapping between disparate data sources.

If you have any ideas or existing samples that you think should be added to the code gallery, please feel free to pass them on to me and I will make sure they are added.

Liam Cavanagh


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