Sync to the Web – Enable Offline Access to Web Data from any Data Store

At MIX 2008 Liam Cavanagh discusses how to use the Microsoft Sync Framework along with SQL Server Data Services to provide synchronization cabability across multiple applications.

In the demonstration, he synchronizes contacts between Microsoft Access, Outlook and SQL Server Data Services. However, by building new providers, any application can participate in synchronization.

Later in the presentation Neil Padgett goes through a detailed internals discussion of the Microsoft Sync Framework metadata and provider models.

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    1. RathiSarov says:


      I would like to know if we can use SQL Server 2005 as the client and Oracle as back end for the data synchronization? If so, could someone please share the code?



    2. liamca says:

      Hi Rathi,

      Yes, you can use Sync Services for ADO.NET to access an Oracle back-end server.  We do not yet have a client side provider for SQL Server 2005.  If you were willing to use SQL Server Compact on the client side then this would work.  There is a good example of this here:

      Alternatively you could use the Sync Framework to build two provider to talk between Oracle and SQL Server 2005.  This would be a little more work on your part though than Sync Services for ADO.NET.


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