Sync Services for ADO.NET on Windows Mobile – CTP1 Now Available for Download

Wow, what a day for sync.  First we released CTP2 of the Microsoft Sync Framework and now the much anticipated first CTP release of Sync Services for ADO.NET for Devices supporting Windows Mobile

As many of you know, Sync Services for ADO.NET is part of the Microsoft Sync Framework family of synchronization technologies.  This specific Sync Services for ADO.NET for Devices release enables application using SQL Server Compact on Windows Mobile to synchronize to a ADO.NET enabled database servers such as SQL Server, Oracle or DB2.

This release includes the same N-Tier data synchronization capabilities that you have found in the Win32 version of Sync Services for ADO.NET v 1.0.  At the download center you are also able to download a sample that shows how the concepts of data synchronization in an N-Tier scenario enabling synchronization through corporate web servers in to your backend ADO.NET enterprise data source.

For more information on the Microsoft Sync Framework or Sync Services for ADO.NET, please visit our Sync Developer Center.

We are really looking forward to hearing your feedback at our sync forum regarding this release.

Liam Cavanagh

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  1. Interesting point at

  2. Finalmente disponibile anche per Windows Mobile i Synchronization Services for ADO.NET, per ora in CTP1

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