SyncToy, File Synchronization and the Microsoft Sync Framework

A common question we get in the Data Replication and Synchronization group regarding the Microsoft Sync Framework is if there are any existing deployments of this technology.  Although there are many components within the Microsoft Sync Framework which enable synchronization of any data source, one key piece I would like to focus on is Sync Services for File System which enables file synchronization in both offline and collaboration environments.  Although this technology is still in CTP, a number of technologies have already begun implementing it as the core mechanism for file synchronization between desktops, usb thumb drives and even over the internet.  One example is SyncToy 2.0 Beta.  SyncToy is a free tool which helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers quickly. As a side note, this release is called beta simply because Sync Services for File Systems is still in CTP and has not yet been released.  Believe me, it was tested as thoroughly as any previous release.

At the core of SyncToy is Sync Services for File Systems.  Although initially created as a tool to enable photographers to keep images in sync over devices and computers, users have since started to use to synchronization other files such as documents, browser favorites, multimedia, spreadsheets and for some corporations even large CAD drawings.  You can think of SyncToy as a nice UI wrapper built on top of Sync Services for File Systems.

Since SyncToy has been downloaded well over 2 million times, it has been an amazing test of the core Sync Framework and as such, enabled us to build a solid technology for synchronizing anything whether that be data, files or services. 

I welcome you to download SyncToy 2.0 Beta and participate in our new SyncToy forum  which has just been added to the existing Microsoft Sync Forum forum group.

Liam Cavanagh - Data Replication and Synchronization Group

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  1. anony.muos says:

    What about an implementation of FeedSync?

  2. liamca says:

    Hi someone,

    Unfortunately the FeedSync provider is also still in CTP which means it can not be deployed for public releases and as such we do not yet have any implementations that we can publicly talk about.  

    If you are interested in the reason why do not allow public deployments of CTP’s, it is because we often are not in a position to provide general support services due to a lack of code maturity, testing and unknown issues.  We generally do not recommend deploying Microsoft pre-release software in a live operating environment as  pre-release software may have bugs that could potentially cause loss of data or simply fail to work.  We do encourage testing of pre-release software and wish to receive feedback to enable us to resolve bugs in future releases.  Testing also  gives you an opportunity to design and develop your programs that work with the software so that you too can identify issues with your programs.

    Liam Cavanagh

  3. wonder1234 says:

    what about the gbridge. It has nice feature of AutoSync, and IMO it is more flexible on some aspects. get a download from

    Gbridge is a great extension of Google’s Gtalk network service. It automatically forms a VPN among your multiple computers no matter where they are. You can also extend the VPN to include your Gtalk friend’s computer if both sides allow.

    Gbridge has many build-in features running on top of the VPN:

    – SecureShare, AutoSync and LiveBrowse: Drag&Drop a folder to create a share and select which friend can access. Before syncing the full folder, your friends can browse the folder, see the auto-generated photo thumnail/slideshow, play mp3 online.

    – EasyBackup: setup a recurring local or remote backup of your important folder with just several clicks.

    – Build-in VNC: remote access your computer desktop or invite your friend to see your desktop for collaboration.

    You have full control over what resources are available to your friend. Since Gbridge creates tunnel through NAT or firewall and connects computers directly, it gives you maximum throughput and privacy.

  4. Rose82 says:

    It is an interesting message. I use a program to file synchronization, which is called File Sync. File sync and backup software ( is a necessary thing for everybody. That is why I use this program and haven’t such problems. Tell me, please, the differences between these two programs.

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