Synchronization of FeedSync Compliant Feeds such as Atom and RSS

FeedSync defines the minimum extensions necessary to enable loosely-cooperating applications to use XML-based container formats such as Atom and RSS as the basis for item sharing. One of the guiding principles of FeedSync is to reinvent as little as possible—hence the use of Atom and RSS for exchanging FeedSync data. It is expected that there…


CTP1 Refresh Now Available for Download

A CTP1 refresh of the Microsoft Sync Framework has been added to the Microsoft Developer Center.  New in this CTP1 refresh is full support for producing and consuming RSS and Atom feeds using the FeedSync 1.0 specification.  Please visit the FeedSync site for more information on this protocol.


Welcome to the Microsoft Sync Framework Blog

I would like to welcome everyone to the new Microsoft Sync Framework blog.  In this blog you will find announcements, tips and tricks relating to the Microsoft Sync Framework. Our team is very excited about our very first CTP release.  We have already been getting some great comments from analysts and press about the technology…