Programmatically creating a field (column) from the Custom field type in WSS 3.0 – MOSS

Many of you might have programmatically created the fields in the list or Site (Site Columns) using the SharePoint object model. As long as you are creating the field based on the OOB field types then it’s just a cake walk like follows : (The code snippet shows the sample of Windows Application)   SPSite…


How to Customize (Add, Delete or Replace ) the "Site Action" menu items in Publishing site

The "Site Action" menu items in the SharePoint are rendered by the "CustomAction" feature framework. The story remains same untill the "Publishing Infrastructure Feature" is activated… When the publishing feature is activated and the site becomes SharePoint Publishing site then the datasource for the "SiteAction" menu items are rendered from the XML file which resides…


Customizing the List Toolbar Template – WSS 3.0 & MOSS

SharePoint Rendering Templates All the rendering Templates for the List are defined in the defaulttemplates.ascx in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\CONTROLTEMPLATES folder. This defaulttemplates.ascx control defines the toolbar controls and the form controls for every list template. The following table explains the rendering template Id and the respective List templates it associated with….


Custom Site Definition for collaboration portal template SharePoint 2007 !! Wow MOSS !!

Hey I knew how to create custom site definition and created custom site definitions for a top level team site and a custom site definitions for Custom Serach Centre and the documents centre. Hurray !!! But how can i integrate all these three definitions into a single portal template so that one can choose the…