WebMatrix, Orchard, SQL Server Compaq 4, ASP.NET MVC 3, and more Released!

Today we are announcing the release of many important pieces of the Microsoft Web Stack Platform:


A new, free, web development tool that provides a suite of technologies that make it easier to enable website development. It includes and brings together a development web server (IIS Express), a web framework (ASP.NET Web Pages), and an embedded database (SQL Server Compact 4.0). Web Matrix also introduces a new language syntax called Razor which works with inline code, snippets, and markup. Among other highly convenient features, Microsoft WebMatrix makes it easy to set-up, customize and deploy websites from popular free open-source web applications like DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Joomla or WordPress.

SQL Server Compact 4 Edition: file based database

SQL CE does not require you to run a setup or install a database server in order to use it.  You can simply copy the SQL CE binaries into the \bin directory of your ASP.NET application, and then your web application can use it as a database engine.  No setup or extra security permissions are required for it to run. You do not need to have an administrator account on the machine. Just copy your web application onto any server and it will work.

IIS Express

A version of IIS built specifically for development environment. You can think at this as a replacement for the Cassini Web Server but with the power of IIS. It does not require administrative privileges in order run/debug applications and it enables a full web server feature set, including SSL, URL Rewrite, and all other IIS 7.x modules.


Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused project aimed at delivering applications and reusable components on the ASP.NET platform. It will create shared components for building ASP.NET applications and extensions, and specific applications that leverage these components to meet the needs of end-users  and developers.


ASP.NET MVC 3 builds on ASP.NET MVC 1 and 2, adding great features that both simplify your code and allow deeper extensibility. ASP.NET MVC 3 comes with the same new view engine named Razor which has also been introduced with WebMatrix.

If you want to learn more about this big announcement have a look at the following post on Scott Guthrie’s blog.

If you want to learn more on WebMatrix and Orchard we are organizing half a day MSDN TechTalk event at Microsoft office in Wallisellen and broadcasting it via LiveStreaming on Tue 25 January 2011!

Registrations at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/de-ch/aa570302.aspx?EventID=1032382690.



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