ASP.NET MVC Hands-on Lab

The .NET Usergroup Bern in collaboration with the Swiss DPE Team created an Hands-on Lab on the topic of ASP.NET MVC. The lab run into different locations in Switzerland. The feedback was great and therefore we want to make it available to the whole developer community.

The lab guides you through the MVC infrastructure and the concepts involved. Leveraging the ASP.NET platform and the version 2 of the framework, the lab teaches you a new and powerful way to build standard compliant web based solutions, applying best industry practices.

In the first part of the lab you will be introduced to the ASP.NET MVC framework. Its basic concepts and conventions will be explained and you get your feet wet with a project the wizard creates for you. The second part is about setting up a small database and preparing the data access classes. In part 3 you build a small application applying best practices gained from day to day usage with the framework.

The lab manual with the final solution can be downloaded from here. Note that the zip file you download also contains a “part 4” folder which contains the solution built during the lab, but using the new ASP.NETMVC 3 RC: all views are done with the new Razor view engine and you can see the WebGrid helper introduced with MVC 3 in action.

Have fun with the lab,

Ken Casada

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