Swiss MSDN Online and MSDN Flash Renewed

I`m happy to inform you that along with the global MSDN and Visual Studio re-branding, we have renewed our Swiss MSDN channels. As you may have already spotted, we have improved Swiss MSDN online channels by launching a brand-new Swiss-German MSDN portal and making a visual update to the Swiss-French MSDN portal.


Just today, we also sent out renewed Swiss MSDN Flash Newsletter with new, reader-friendlier structure and increased amount of locally written content – in the future, you will be seeing more of our Swiss Developer & Platform Group colleagues via the newsletter. And even more importantly, we have now also published Swiss-German MSDN Flash Newsletter parallel to the old Swiss-English version. If you want to get bi-weekly summaries of latest developer news and resources, as well want to be among the first ones to hear about local and international events and webcasts, subscribe to the MSDN Flash today.


I hope the new design and structure of the Swiss MSDN channels pleases your eye. If you have any feedback or wishes regarding to MSDN portal or newsletter, please let me hear from you.


Kind regards,


Sanna Kuusisto

Developer Audience Marketing Team Lead, Developer & Platform Group, Microsoft Switzerland

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