Welcome to SurfaceTwitter, a multi-touch Twitter client for the Microsoft Surface!

[Update: Version 1.1 released]

Welcome to SurfaceTwitter, a multi-touch Twitter client for the Microsoft Surface!

I wrote SurfaceTwitter to demonstrate the capabilities of the WPF based project type from the Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 Service Pack 1. It is tested to run on Microsoft Surface Service Pack 1.


The capabilities of SurfaceTwitter are:

  • Show the 25 most recent Tweets in a “ScatterView” control, making each Tweet a movable and resizable object on the Surface.
  • Automatically detect the presence of a TwitPic picture linked in a Tweet and display the picture’s thumbnail attached to the tweet it belongs to.
  • Mark Mentions (of the person currently logged in) by coloring the Tweet window blue.
  • Send Tweets using the Surface on-screen keyboard.


  • Auto-Refresh automatically every minute, marking new Tweets with a star icon. Updating is asynchronous and not blocking the user interface.


Getting SurfaceTwitter

You can download the entire Visual Studio 2008 project (the Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 Service Pack 1 is a required to compile the project).

You can also just download the binary installer.


Update SurfaceTwitter 1.1

I updated SurfaceTwitter to version 1.1. It now installs properly on Microsoft Surface 1.0 and on Microsoft Surface 1.0 Service Pack 1. I also enhanced posting Tweets by making it asynchronous and adding proper error handling. Finally I added version info to the about box.



SurfaceTwitter 1.1: Source Code , Binary.

SurfaceTwitter 1.0: Source Code , Binary.


Note that if you change the default installation path of “SurfaceTwitter”, you will need to update this path manually in “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Surface\Programs\SurfaceTwitter.xml”.

Have fun Tweeting and follow me on Twitter at @TechPreacher!

Comments (5)
  1. stumpy says:

    Erf, wrote the same during my first day at Microsoft France for the Surface Academy :P.

    Your looks better…I agree but I am not designer.

    Code behind is nearly similar.

    Great job!

  2. bpaddock says:

    Someone should port this to Silverlight 3 for Windows 7 touch machines 🙂

  3. endquote says:

    Sweet! Crashes when I try to post a tweet though.

  4. Sascha Corti says:

    @endquote: I updated SurfaceTwitter to 1.1 to add error handling to posting tweets. Plus made posting asynchronous too. I am interested if it works for you now.

    Updated download link in the post above.

  5. adsaero says:

    When I try to run the app (source or binary) on an actual Surface table (running SP1), I get "Expectation Failed" whenever I try to send a Tweet.  I was under the impression this was a Twitter API issue.

    Any ideas?

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