Microsoft .NET Swiss Innovation Award 2009 – Winner: Project Codename “ATLAS”, Bixi Systems AG and Trivadis AG

Vincenzo Stefanelli (Bixi Systems AG) and Peter Kämpf (Trivadis AG) have won the Innovation Award 2009 for their


The currently 8-man-years project is in an advanced pilot phase and it is planned to go live mid of FY10. “ATLAS” has been developed jointly by Trivadis and Bixi Systems for Bixi Systems, to manage and control access to buildings and offices.

As you can see from the figure below, this project makes use of several new Microsoft technologies.


The solution has been developed with Visual Studio 2008 SP1, using WCF to communicate and WPF to build the front-end, which integrated the “just-released” WPF Office Ribbon and WPF Datagrid controls. image

If this is not impressive enough, please consider that the „ATLAS“ user authorization is based on claims and is implemented with Geneva, Microsoft “” claims based access platform (currently in Beta 2).

Aside the great use of Microsoft newest technologies, this project was honored with an award for the (let me say please) perfect project management approach, using a SCRUM-based development process supported by Visual Studio Team System. Thanks to this approach, the project team has always had a clear vision of the project state and its progresses, helping a lot in the planning and decisional process.



In the (German) words of Vincenzo Stefanelli, Head of development at Bixi Systems:


An awesome project work with very innovative technologies and approach: A fully deserved innovation award!

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