Microsoft .NET Swiss Innovation Award 2009 – Winner: evidence nova, Glaux Soft AG

Glaux Soft AG, represented by Beat Kiener, have won the Innovation Award 2009 for their


evidence nova is a Client Relationship Management system that has been developed by Glaux Soft AG and it is currently in an advanced pilot phase at Swiss Olympic.

The next figure illustrates the technologies that have been used to implement evidence nova.


evidence nova, as well as the Altran Information Management system that has also won an innovation award, belongs in our opinion to a new generation of Line of Business applications. In common, they share and profit of the use of Silverlight to implement their clients.

Silverlight fulfills better than any other technology the needs of Line of Business applications, from different angles:

  • USERS: they need responsive, rich user interfaces

  • DEVELOPERS: they need productive tools and mature frameworks and languages

  • ITPROS: they need to have costs under control and avoid expensive deployments.

evidence nova extends even further this concept of new, rich browser application: The Glaux Soft team decided to build a solution that doesn’t require nor make use of a scrollbar. The application is optimized to use the visible browser surface and, thanks to a very smart algorithm, the block of contents are rendered to maximize the information accessibility. The result is a very functional, screen resolution independent, fluid interface that is extremely pleasant to work with.

The architecture of evidence nova, shown in the figure below, is also very modern and allows to build dynamically the Silverlight 2 based, fluid user interface.


Under the The Kieners Blog, you can find additional information, access an amazing live demo, and watch a video that shown the capabilities of this award-winning solution.

An awesome work!

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