Become a WCF Master with Juval Lowy !!! (June 29 – July 3, 2009, Zurich)

Don't miss on this unique opportunity to learn WCF from Juval Lowy who has been part of the strategic design effort for WCF from the beginning, and who offers a profound insight on the technology and its applications.

You will see how to take advantage of built-in features such as service hosting, instance management, asynchronous calls, synchronization, reliability, transaction management, disconnected queued calls and security. The material presented includes IDesign's original techniques and utilities and goes well beyond anything you can find in conventional sources. The objective of the class is not to just make you a WCF expert, but also a better software engineer. On top of the frontal presentations, the class uses lab exercise and numerous (100+) conceptual demos and original tools and utilities. Attendees will find the demos useful not only in class but after it. The demos serve as a starting point for new projects, and as a rich reference and samples source.

The cost of the class is 2995€, which includes lunch and dinner, 3495€ which also includes the Hotel ( excl. any tax). If you attended TechDays 09 (Bern or Geneva) you will get a 150€ discount.

All attendees will receive Juvals latest book Programming WCF Services, (O'Reilly 2008).

More information available at

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