New impressive Line of Business applications done with Silverlight

Last August I posted a blog with some interesting demos of Silverlight for LOB:
Now, 6 months after, a few very impressive LOB style applications are available to try out.

Here are a couple that have impressed me:

- CAS PIA CRM application. This one is the most impressive LOB that I have seen so far:

- Best Free Charts. It is a web-based stock charting and analysis. You get true software in your browser, streaming real-time data, and it's all completely free:

- Another stock chart app that looks really professional:

These applications are very good example why I belive Silverlight has such a huge potential for LOB solution, especially compared to ASP.NET/Ajax based one.

Have fun

Ronnie Saurenmann

Comments (3)

  1. In this issue: Rob Houweling, Jonathan van de Veen, Peter Bromberg, Jeff Weber, Mike Snow, Jordan Knight

  2. Snoozer says:

    CAS PIA CRM looks good, I’ve been waiting for good examples of LOB app.

    One thing that always disappoints me though is SL performance. Currently I’m using a Intel P4 3.0 GHz with 2 GB of RAM, a somewhat standardized choice of PC of my current customer (international insurance company).

    If I idle the CAS PIA app in the Contact view, my CPU load is pending between 10-13% doing NOTHING, just rendering a static SL screen!

    If I start moving the mouse over the datagrid rows containing the contacts, CPU usage peaks at nearly 40%. Just for a MouseOver effect!

    If 3D HW support in SL 3.0 will fix this, it better be in the system req. list 😉

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