.NET Early Adopter Award: Don’t miss this opportunity to be honored for your great job!

AwardDear Microsoft developer/architect/project manager,

at Shape 2008 in late October, we introduced for the first time the Silverlight Early Adopter Award to honor the people and teams that have implemented the first Silverlight 2 solutions. The whole has been a great success: We were very pleased to “reward” extraordinary performances and we have noticed a remarkable enthusiasm among the award winners.

For this reason, we have decided to implement the awards at TechDays 2009, as well. During the developer keynote in Bern (April 8th), we will reward the people and teams that have been building innovative solutions on Microsoft newest development technologies.

If you have been developing such a solution and you think that it may deserve an award, this is your opportunity to let us know.

We are particularly keen on solutions that use multiple technologies and are developed at least with one of the following:

- .NET 3.5 SP1

- SQL server 2008

- Windows Server 2008

- Silverlight 2

- Windows Azure

- Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server.

However, if your solution is not using any of them but you think that it is particularly innovative and/or unique, inform us anyway. How?

Just sent an email to chnetcom@microsoft.com with the title Early Adopter Award that briefly explains:

- What’s the goal of your solution

- Which technologies are used (high-level architecture)

- (Why it deserves an Award)


Good Luck!

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