24 Hours of Windows Mobile Application Development

Interested in Windows Mobile development? Then have a look at this 24 hours webcast series, where you can learn how to develop applications for Windows Mobile Devices. By attending this webcast you get a high-level introduction to developing managed applications for Windows Mobile devices. You get an overview of the available development tools, an explanation of how to install additional software development kits (SDKs) and demonstrations of the creation of applications for Windows Mobile 6 devices, using both Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.

If instead, you don’t have much time, have a look to our Windows Mobile Hands On Lab, which give you a good overview of what is possible today to do with the Windows Mobile Platform. Manual is available in English at http://www.microsoft.com/switzerland/msdn/de/events/eventdetail.mspx?EventID=1032382445 (click on the Download link at the bottom of the page).

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