Cool RIA Silverlight demo applications

Lately I’m doing quite a lot of presentations of Silverlight for line of business apps, either for Internet and Intranet. I’m usually starting my presentations with some examples from around the web of cool LOB apps. So I thought it would be nice to share my selection, all based on Silverlight Beta 2.

-          The Microsoft Health Common User Interface (MSCUI) Patient Journey Demonstrator. Probably the most complex and rich Silverlight LOB demos around:

-          Woodgrove Financial. A home banking solution, a bit to “US style” but it shows some nice UI concepts:

-          ComponentOne Portfolio Manager. It is an example to show the third party controls offered by them. I especially like the chart, very interactive and powerful:

-          ComponentOne Silverlight Maps. After trying this one go to and notice how much smother Silverlight is compared to an AJAX version:


Kind of off topic and surely not a line of business app, I want to share a cool DeepZoom example:

-          Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project. Try to spot the climbers on the famous El Capitan route or just enjoy the fabulous resolution that those pictures have and the cool DeepZoom experience:

If you are really bored you can also browse my Silverlight Picture Gallery that I first showed in this session at TechDays:


 Ronnie Saurenmann

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